How it Works

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You Call Graphic

You call 022 487 3267:

  • to order your Storage Box,
  • to book a Storage Unit at our facility, 
  • or to ask any questions.


We Delivery Graphic

We deliver your Storage Box to you - whether for personal or business use. 

Two boxes take up as much space as one average car.

You Pack Graphic

- You can pack up to 800kg into your Storage Box.
- Each box is 2.4m wide x 1.5m deep x 2.4m high.
- You lock the container and keep the keys.
- No one else has access to your goods.
- Use your own lock or order one from us.

We Store Graphic

We collect your Storage Box at an agreed time and store it in our storage warehouse. You have easy access to your Storage Box at any time during business hours and only you have the key.

Do It Yourself Graphic

You can Do-It-Yourself and use our storage facility that way too. Have your goods delivered, load them into your Storage Box or one of our four larger sized Storage Units, lock and keep the key and we do the storage. Your Storage Box or Unit is yours - you don’t ever share with anyone.