How to Pack Your Storage BoxTip 1:
Keep in mind that all the weight of your goods need to be distributed evenly. One side shouldn’t be heavier than the other.

Tip 2:
Try to pack all your heavier items at the bottom of your Storage Box first and then the lighter items on top of them.

Tip 3:
Try to pack your heaviest, biggest items near the opening of your Storage Box and as close to the middle of the box as possible.

Tip 4:
Be sure to use plenty of bubble wrap, paper and tissue when packing your boxes and try to avoid empty spaces between objects. These empty spaces could cause your objects to fall on top of each other and become damaged when the Storage Box is moved. Remember that it’s your responsibility to ensure that you’ve used enough packing material – like blankets to protect your furniture.

Tip 5:
Secure the door of your Storage Box while you’re busy packing it. This prevents it from closing unexpectedly and hurting someone or breaking something.

Tip 6:
Your Storage Box should ideally be filled to the brim. If that’s not possible then simply fill the rest of the space with packing materials. You could use empty boxes for this purpose too, but ensure that the lids of all boxes are closed properly with tape.

Tip 7:
Pack smaller, heavier items into smaller boxes so they’re easier to lift. Also fill larger boxes with lighter items so they’re not dangerous to lift.

Tip 8:
If you are packing furniture don’t forget that the drawers can be used to pack soft, durable and indestructible items.

Tip 9:
When you’re not around – lock your storage unit with a strong commercial grade padlock. If you do not have one Small Storage Solutions can provide one when we bring your Storage Box to you.

Tip 10:
To help you remember where you’ve put what – make a list of all the items in your Storage Box and where you’ve packed them in each box.

Packing Accessories

We can supply all your packing materials like boxes, tape, wrapping, locks, etc. We will deliver it with your Storage Box. We are not responsible for your property so please enquire about insurance if you need it.

Some of the packing accessories we can provide are:
– packing tape
– bubble wrap
– corrugated board
– corrugated boxes
– plain wrapping paper
– strong locks with 3 keys per lock
– marker pens
– blankets for wrapping